Quanta Computer | The largest notebook ODM company in the world

The largest notebook computer ODM company in the world


Established in 1988, Quanta Computer is the largest notebook computer ODM company in the world. With leading technology and strong R&D capability, Quanta has become a leader in hi-tech markets and the best partner providing quality design and manufacturing services to top-notched brands worldwide for technology products. Besides continuous high growth, high quality and high value creation in notebook computers, Quanta has extended its businesses into enterprise network systems, home entertainment, mobile communication, automotive electronics and digital home markets. With revealing "Cloud Computing"? as the center of business innovation and development, Quanta has been integrating resources and redefining business model to capture emerging growth opportunities.

"Rooted in Taiwan with broad vision and aggressive expansion in the global market"? is Quanta's strategy for long-term growth development. With "Quanta R&D Complex"? (QRDC) as our global headquarters and the center of dynamics, we integrated worldwide resources in technology to ensure that Quanta Computer Inc. has technological advantages to design, develop, and manufacture high value-added products and solutions for customers. In addition, we have established operation centers across Asia, America, and Europe to manufacture, configure, and service products as well as to provide logistic supports to deliver products and services competitively everywhere in the world.

Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City (QSMC)

The Taiwan-based Quanta Computer now has 3 manufacturing sites in China, including Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City, Quanta Changshu Manufacturing City, and Quanta Chongqing Manufacturing City, specializing in the production of notebook, PC, servers, cloud-based products, automotive electronics, etc.

Built in March 2001, QSMC is located in Songjiang EPZ in Shanghai, with seven subsidiary companies, including Tech Front, Tech Com, Tech Wave, Tech Lead, Tech Giant, Tech Trend and Song Yeh (Shanghai) Property Management. Their main products are notebook computers and cloud-based products.


Over 90 percent of all laptop computers are manufactured by Taiwan based companies, with the industry dominated by five major local ODMs manufacturing for global brands such as Apple, Dell and Lenovo. Quanta Computer is the world's largest ODM manufacturer of laptop computers with 50 million units produced per year

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