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Rato gaming Krom, com sensor óptico Avago A3050 de alta precisão, com resolução até 4000 DPI. Com alternador rápido de sensibilidade, iluminação LED com 6 cores diferentes e superfície com acabamento em borracha. Personalizável através de software e com 128kb de memória interna que permite armazenar mais de 40 combinações macro e 5 perfis diferentes.


The perfect weapon for fighting

KROM brings Khanda, a mouse with programmable software, Avago A3050 optical sensor with high precision and up to 4000 DPI. Customizable backlighting to provide an aggressive gaming environment. High quality materials and high performance make Khanda the best weapon for fighting.

- Ambidextrous design
- 6 adjustable levels DPI (500-4000)
- Programmable software
- LED lighting with 6 different colors


Optimizing in your hands

Khanda offers a special ambidextrous design to fit any type of user, scroll wheel with high precision and rubber finish for comfort and motion control, ensuring a good fit and maximum comfort for have total control in your battles. It also has internal steel so you have a better balance during the game.

Ready to fight

Khanda has a high precision optical sensor, Avago A3050, with six levels of DPI that you can change on-the-fly (500-1000-1500-2000-3000-4000). Change DPI levels quickly with an click of a button, so you do not lose focus and act quickly and effectively.

One moment, different lighting

With Khanda you can to assign a color LED for each profile or DPI level, so you'll always know which is the active mode in which you find yourself.

Built-in Memory

Khanda has internal memory of 128kb to manage over 40 macros and 5 configurable profiles. This feature is used to save profiles with resolutions and sensitivities to the taste of each user, depending of game or player preferences.

Extra Features · Avago A3050 optical sensor high precision
· 16K internal memory
· Programmable software
· 6 DPI shift option (500 to 4000)
· LED lighting with 6 different colors
· More than 40 macros and 5 programmable profiles
Sensor Optical
Resolution 500-1000-1500-3000-4000 DPI
Polling rate 125-250-500-1000 Hz
Acceleration 20 G
Speed 60 inches / sec
Time response 1ms / 2ms / 4ms /8 ms
Cable lenght 180 cm
Dimensions 84 x 42 x 121 mm
Weight 110 gr
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